3 Festive Outdoor Additions for Thanksgiving

Many people consider outdoor lighting for Halloween and Christmas, but fail to remember all the possibilities for Thanksgiving! Especially if you plan to have guests over, investing a little time and money in your home’s outward appearance will pay off in compliments. Plus, we have a few tips that will also help you make the lighting transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas fast! Below are a few festive outdoor additions for Thanksgiving.festive outdoor additions

Simple String Lights

Even one string of store-bought lights around your door area can pack a punch in terms of presentation. Some stores even sell string lights with fall-themed leaves and turkeys. However, even simple yellow lights will go a long way to warm up your home’s exterior this Thanksgiving holiday. If you opt for white or yellow lighting now, whether it’s professionally installed or you do it yourself, then you already have lights out in anticipation of the winter holidays, and you can simply add more at or after Thanksgiving!

Path Lighting

When you light the path to the front door of your house, it’s a welcoming way to direct guests inside. It draws the eye to your front door and pulls your outdoor look together. Plus, path lighting can be a big aspect of Christmas lighting, so simply doing this one part will save you time later on when you begin decorating the exterior of your home for the winter holidays!

Festive Wreaths

Whether you opt to make your own or simply buy one at the store, a wreath brings an inviting touch to the exterior of your home. The best part? If you already have warm lighting around your door and up the path, then simply switching your Thanksgiving wreath in favor of a winter-holiday themed wreath will instantly change the exterior for Christmas and other winter holidays!

We hope these ideas for festive outdoor additions inspire you to decorate the exterior of your home for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Don’t forget, Majestic Outdoor Lighting is available for all your fall and winter lighting needs in Keller, TX and DFW. Call us at (817) 345-3696 today!