Is Security Lighting Effective?

A Technician Installs Outdoor Security Lights.

Is security lighting effective

From fences and alarms to cameras and outdoor security lights, we all want to find ways to keep our homes protected from burglary and vandalism. Of course the big question is: are any of these, especially lights, effective against deterring crime? The answer is more complicated than yes or no, especially when it comes to lights. 

One popular misconception about burglary is that it happens at night. Research suggests as many as 40% of break-ins occur during the day when people tend to be away from their homes and lights may not be home. While many break-ins occur during the day, they still happen at night, too. When burglaries occur at night, it’s usually in homes that are dark and quiet and are unoccupied or appear unoccupied.

Security lights may give would-be thieves the impression that you are home, even if you’re not, which may deter them from breaking into what might be an occupied home. Lighting also gives criminals fewer hiding places if they are lurking about. Also, lighting used in conjunction with cameras can help identify criminals, if a break-in should unfortunately occur. 

Security lights are also valuable to help you stay safe at night around your home. You’ll be able to see your surroundings in the dark or find your keys so you can get inside your home safely in case of potential danger.

While security lights may not deter every criminal, you’re often better off with them than without them. They serve as added protection in your overall security plan. If you’d like the added protection of security lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, get help from the lighting professionals at Majestic Outdoor Lighting. Find out more about how we can help by calling (817) 345-3696.

What security lighting do I need

If you are considering installing outdoor security lights, your primary concern is that you install lighting that is bright and covers a wide area. You also want to make sure the lights are operating correctly and come on when they are triggered. The lights should also be able to survive in all kinds of weather, and should be rated either WP for weatherproof or WR for weather resistant.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the right light fixtures to suit your needs. You may need high-mounted floodlights, for instance to illuminate your porch or side of your home, or low lights along sidewalks to illuminate pathways. You’ll also want to consider whether you want timed lights or motion sensitive lighting, and whether your lighting is manually controlled or automatic.

No matter how weatherproofed your outdoor lights are, when the temperatures drop, and your heater doesn’t work, you won’t be weatherproofed. Heater repair and heater parts replacement will be necessary to keep you warm.

Where to install outdoor security lighting

Where you have your outdoor security lights installed will vary with their purpose and function. You may want to place low lights along paths and sidewalks to illuminate walkways, but most security lights will be placed above ground. You may wonder, How high should security lights be? It’s usually best to mount your lights six to 10 feet off the ground. They should be positioned strategically so they cover the widest amount of surface area. If they are motion-sensitive lights, they should be positioned so the movement will be tracked and the light will be triggered.

Some of the best areas to place the lights are areas where the light covers walks up to your front doors and back doors, and up the driveway. Additional lights can be placed to cover all the approaches to your house like gates or in the darker areas of your yard. You may also want to put lights over decks and near stairways and pools.

What are the types of security lighting?

There are several types of outdoor security lights, and what you choose will depend on your needs and situation. Outlined below are the types of lights available.

  • Timed lights: Lights you can adjust to come on and stay on all during the night or at select times during the day.
  • Motion-activated lights: These lights have sensors that turn on the lights when motion is detected. These lights can be adjusted to just go off when humans trigger them.
  • Floodlights: These are bright lights used to illuminate large areas such as patios and drives.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights: Often used for commercial security, these lights can be used at homes to light up large areas.
  • Exterior soffit lights: These lights sit on the soffit overhang and often have extra lighting for your porch.
  • Outdoor coach lights: These lights are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal, but provide adequate lighting for driveways and walkways.

What is the brightest outdoor light?

Outdoor lights come in varying brightnesses. Some of the brightest lights used for outdoor lighting are LED floodlights. Floodlights are often strong enough to light up a whole yard. LED lights not only shine brightly, they use less energy than other types of lights. High Intensity Discharge lights are also very bright, but are generally used for commercial lighting. 

What are the best outdoor security lights?

There are many highly rated outdoor security lights on the market today. The top five that find their way on many lists include:

  • LITOM Motion Sensor Light
  • Ring Floodlight Camera
  • SANSI Motion Sensor Outdoor Light
  • Hyperikon LED Outdoor Flood Light
  • Heath Zenith Light

Should I leave porch light on all night?

While it’s not necessary, leaving your porch light on all night may benefit your safety. It can alert potential criminals that the home may be occupied. At the same time, if you turn it off regularly when you go to bed, this, too, may alert someone that you’re at home as well. Turning the light off suggests the home is in use. It also serves as a spotlight over the front door which will help you see someone approaching the house. Leaving your light on is also good for the safety of those coming home late at night. That person can safely get to the door and unlock it.

A Security Light.

Security lighting installers near me

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How Do You Maintain Landscape Lighting?

landscape lighting repair on pathway

Improving the Look of Your Home

When you are updating your property’s appearance, do you think about the lighting? Everyone thinks about the trees, plants, as well as the stone or metalwork that may go into the design. It’s easy to think about these things because they will be visible during daylight hours when you want everyone to look at your property. But what about at night? Landscape illumination at night is a great way to add beautiful aesthetics as well as increase protection and safety. To learn more about the installation or even landscape lighting repair in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, dial (817) 345-3696. You’ll be connected with the experts at Majestic Outdoor Lighting.

outdoor landscape lighting repair

What is Landscape Lighting?

The big question we get asked all the time is, what is landscape lighting? This refers to a type of landscaping that utilizes illumination for purposeful enhancement, nighttime outdoor aesthetics, accessibility, security, and more. It can be used all around the home or in specific areas like a garden or lighting a pathway. Just like other landscaping concepts, landscape lighting offers an incredible variety of options. You can essentially be your own designer. You can create the landscaping or design that best fits your home. 

That in mind, one of the biggest concerns many homeowners have is how to repair landscape lighting fixtures. When storms happen or when animals knock into your lights, they can become damaged and no longer effective. Professionally installed lights may feel intimidating to repair, but you don’t have to worry. You can rely on  Majestic Outdoor Lighting to help with all repair and maintenance needs. Every technician travels with the necessary landscape lighting repair parts, so we can help you with all your servicing needs.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips

Landscape lighting maintenance and repair doesn’t have to feel like a major hassle. It can actually be a fairly easy process. We recommend you take a look around your property about once a week. Along with that, investing in maintenance plans will provide untold benefits. So what do you need to do to maintain your landscaping? 

  • Tree Trimming: A great way to maintain your overall landscaping is to participate in regular tree trimming. This will keep your property looking clean and maintained. It will also protect your lighting fixtures from damage. 
  • Clean Fixtures and Lenses: Take the time to clean all aspects of the lighting fixtures. This includes the plastic and metal components as well as the lenses. You can wipe everything down yourself or hire professional cleaning services. 
  • Clear Debris: If there has been a storm or high-winds, make sure to go through and remove any and all debris from around the fixtures. Doing so can help to improve illumination while making it easier to perform other cleaning tasks later on. 
  • Replace Bulbs: With some fixtures, you’ll be able to quickly replace burnt out or broken bulbs. Make sure to do this as soon as you notice one is out. You’ll see greater illumination as well as prevent any damage to your fixture or property. 
  • Check Exposed Wiring: Even professionally installed lights can experience trauma exposing the wiring. Animals knock into things or drivers disturb the area. Either way, taking the time to check for this will protect you lights, property, and loved ones. 

Maintaining your landscape will give your home the finished appearance you are looking for. When you’re taking a look at your landscape, don’t neglect the other areas of your home. Schedule shingle roof repair in Arlington, TX if you notice gaps or holes in your roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you replace low voltage landscape lights?
    • If the bulbs are placed in fixtures, then you’ll just need to replace the bulb itself. However, if the fixture itself needs to be replaced, you’ll need to rely on a contractor for help. 
  • How much does landscape lighting cost? 
    • Once everything is said and done, meaning the correct wiring and transformer are in place, homeowners should expect to pay around $3,000 for completed landscape lighting. Any additional features or extras will cost more. 
  • How do you clean landscape light lenses? 
    • To do this yourself, you’ll need to remove the lense from the fixture. Wiping it down with a cloth and warm, soapy water may get the job done. If there is more grime on there, you may need to upgrade to a steel-wool scrubber to remove all traces of dirt and oxidation.
  • How do you landscape a lighting design?
    • It all starts with an idea. You can walk around your property and take pictures of the areas you’d like lights. If you work with a contractor, they’ll likely help to sketch out some ideas, just so you can have a visualization of what you’re looking for. Once that’s done, you’ll start placing and wiring what you want in. 
  • What are the best outdoor lights?
    • The best outdoor lights are really whatever makes you happy. There are so many brands and options on the market it can be hard to narrow your focus. Many homeowners like the look and aesthetic of string lights while others prefer the appearance and functionality of LED lighting.
patio landscape lighting repair

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How Do I Choose Outdoor Lighting?

Small and Powerful Floodlight for Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Ideas and More

Everything about your home is an investment. From the foundation to the roof and all the way to the decorative pieces you choose for the interior of your home, it’s all an investment. So why are you not investing in your landscaping? The exterior of your property needs just as much attention and maintenance as the interior does. It could even be argued the exterior needs more attention since it is the first thing that others may see. You can make all kinds of upgrades and updates that are visible during the day, but even when the sun sets, your neighbors should still be able to see all the hard work you’ve put into your home. For that, rely on Majestic Outdoor Lighting to help with landscape lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Dial (817) 345-3696 for more information.

Pathway Landscape Lighting

Why Add Landscape Lighting

Why do you need outdoor lighting? Properly and effectively lighting the exterior of your home offers many advantages for you and for others. For you, there can be a sense of increased protection. With floodlights, spotlights, and other high-intensity lights, you can protect entrances, exits, and other areas that are subject to worry. For others, adequate lighting can help friends and family see your home from the street at night, but it also helps to highlight landscaping and architectural features that you possibly spent a good amount of money on. Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean you or your friends should miss out on the beautiful landscaping services that were done.

If and when you are deciding on outdoor lighting, there are several things to take into consideration. First is going to be the type of light you choose. There is a multitude of options on the market for just about every need. While flood or spotlights are not the most appealing of choices, they do provide the best practicality and functionality. They can be installed in conjunction with vanity lights around your home. Additionally, if you have trees that you want to highlight, there are options to pick from as well. When it comes to actual landscape lighting, however, there is less emphasis on the light itself and more emphasis on where to place landscape lighting. The placement is key because it will properly highlight the areas of your lawn or architecture that you want to be seen.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is something that may seem important, but it is actually very advantageous to have quality lighting outside your home. The right outdoor lighting installation can make your home or yard look nicer or it can allow you to spend more time outdoors. More than that, proper outdoor lighting, such as floodlights, will provide incredible protection and security to your home. If you have been considering outdoor lighting options, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Appearance: An obvious and choice benefit of landscape lighting is the appearance. Quality lighting can make the features of your home or certain features of your landscape really pop. 
  • Function: Correct lighting also provides the chance to use areas of your lawn even after the sun has gone down. Additionally, the lights can offer illumination of pathways to and from the home to help avoid accidents. 
  • Security & Safety: And of course, certain lights around your home can provide increased security and protection. Floodlights or spotlights near doorways can provide high-intensity light coverage to protect you and your loved ones. 

You don’t need trees or architectural features to highlight if you are interested in landscape lighting. And there are so many options for outdoor lighting. Depending on your needs, you could choose between lanterns, hanging lights, strip or string lights, and so many others. If you need any landscape lighting ideas, contact Majestic Outdoor Lighting for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does landscape lighting work?
    • Landscape lighting is about highlighting the beautiful features of your landscape. If there are trees, a gazebo, or other features that you want to see at night, you can expertly place lighting around them so they are professionally lit. You can also use landscape lighting to help provide protection and security to your home.
  • How do you landscape a lighting design?
    • You start with an idea. Figure out how you want all the landscaping features to look. Where you want trees, shrubs, plants, pathways, stonework, etc. Once you know that, you can work with a lighting expert to determine where to place lights. 
  • How do you light a tree in landscape?
    • Lighting a tree comes down to the placement and size of the light itself. You’ll want to have lights about a foot away from the actual trunk of the tree. Facing the light up to the branches, the light span should be around 10-15 inches in diameter. 
  • How do I light the exterior of my house?
    • Simply and with a few choice options. Around the perimeter of your home, you can opt for electric lights or lanterns. Near doors, garages, and sheds, you may want to choose a floodlight or a spotlight to provide additional security.
  • What is the difference between a floodlight and a spotlight?
    • A spotlight is going to cast a narrow beam of light, usually no wider than 45 degrees. A floodlight, however, is going to provide significantly more light. It can have a beam spread up to 120 while still producing the same wattage and lumen of light like a spotlight.
Outdoor and Gazebo Landscape Lighting

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What Are the Best Swimming Pool Lights?

Underwater Close Up of Pool Lights

Brighten Up Your Pool

Pool lights can be very fun to add to your pool’s overall ambiance and vibe. Not only that but it will assist in not stubbing your toe once the sun sets and you have limited vision. There are many options in colors out there and some may even be able to be changed with a push of a button! With the help of a professional, you can benefit from knowing how change pool light bulb and what kind of pool lights for inground pools would work best! Since there are many different kinds of pool specifications contact your local services for outdoor lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX! Since your pool is a unique system and may need maintenance to consider carbon water filtration if you feel that’s necessary for your property as well! There are many pool lights benefits that will surely cause a splash for your home or business!

How many lights do I need in my pool?

The number of pool lights necessary for your pool will be based on the size of your pool. Generally, it’s set to aim for .5 watts per square foot or 5.4 watts per square meter.

How deep should pool lights be?

Pool lights can be installed at a maximum depth of 12 inches from the top of the pool due to the fact that typically steps and ledges are installed by a depth of 16 inches. These conditions, however, are always open to being adapted and it’d be best to consult a professional for advice.

What is the brightest pool light?

Pool lights have changed over the years, whereas before halogen pool lights were the standard due to their brightness and lower costs, LED pool lights have upped their game and are slowly taking over with their many options. As far as the pool lights LED vs halogen debate it’s important to know a few key things about each option. With halogen pool lights you’ll see a range of $150-$300 while LED can be $180-$700. As far as brightness LED pool lights will be brighter and emit a glow like effect, halogen pool lights will also be very bright and will emit a torch-like effect. With halogen pool lights colors will be limited and can be achieved by changing the lens of the light. With pool lights, you’ll have a wider range of options and have an additional option of being changed by a button. Depending on the manufactures halogen pool lights can last 5, 10 to 20 years while LED pool lights can 10 years or more.

How long should a pool light last?

Pool lights are said to be able to last 10 or 25 years or more. To give you an idea of how long you may have it last an incandescent bulb can burn for 1,000 hours before a replacement is needed.

Swimming Pool With Decorative LED Lights & Brick Wall

Pool Lights Benefits

There are many ways in which pool lights can provide for your home or business, be it through energy saving costs or stylistic ambiance, here are some examples for your reference below!

  • Adds Brightness
  • Less Energy
  • Less Heat
  • Adds Color
  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Adds Safety

How do I stop my pool light from leaking?

When you have a leak with your pool lights it could be behind the conduit of the pool light based on the scenario that the pool water level had dropped below the skimmer and returns and has stabilized at the top of the pool light. In order to repair your pool lights, you’ll have to remove the screw on the 12 o’clock position and pull the light out of the light niche or housing. The common go to in this case is to seal up the opening where the light cord exists the niche and enters into the conduit. There are three ways to do this and it can be done underwater yet if the water levels are already low this may prove to be easier. One way to stop a leaking pool light is to use a 100% silicone tube as a plug by putting it into the light conduit and around the end to seal the exit for water. You’ll have to allow it to dry for 2 days on the deck before putting it back into the niche. Another option can be to use pool putty around the cord as it enters the conduit, push it in and seal it against the cord. This too should be allowed to dry/cure on the deck for 2 days before going back in. Finally, a split rubber plug that fits around the cord, aka a light cord stopper, should be pushed into the conduit to make a seal. This is the easier option of the previous two as there is easy removal if you ever need to replace it over time.

If you’re interested in pool lights in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX call (817) 345-3696 with Majestic Outdoor Lighting! 

How Do You Design Landscape Lights?

A Picture of a Well Lit Home.

How Do You Plan Landscape Lights?

Are you looking to add more curb appeal and value to your home? One of the easiest ways to do this is with landscape lighting. What is landscape lighting? Landscape lighting is the use of outdoor lights to illuminate certain areas of your lawn or backyard. With the proper lighting, not only can you increase the value and curb appeal of your home, you can also add more security to your property. When it comes to investing in landscape lighting, many people don’t know where to start or how to plan the design. If you are planning on getting landscape lights for your home, the first thing you can do is walk around your property and determine where lights can be added. Maybe you want to highlight your trees or you want lighting down your pathway–a great way to decide what lighting you want is to check your front and backyard for places that need lights. To get a better idea of what you need, you can also sketch out your ideas. Next you will want to choose the light fixtures that you want. A lot of people ask, “How do I choose an outdoor light?” Its all going to depend on what style you like, as well as the appearance of the light. You don’t want a single fixture to be too bright; instead you can use lots of lighting to achieve the amount of light that you want. Lastly, you will want to hire a lighting technician to add wires and install lighting. They can even help you with the design portion, as they have lots of experiencing coming up with unique landscape lighting designs.

What’s the Best Landscape Lighting?

Choosing the right landscape lighting can be hard, as there are a lot of options to choose from. We have compiled a list of some of the best and most common landscape lighting options. All of these options are able to add more light to various areas of your backyard or front lawn.

  • Moon Lighting: Placed up in the branches of a tree, the light is pointed down so that the light illuminates the branches of the tree. It gives the look of moonlight washing over the branches and tree trunk.
  • Path Lighting: This is a pretty popular landscape lighting option as it adds more light to an area that is not always well-lit. This can also be applied to your driveway. People ask, “How far apart should driveway lights be?” and it will depend on the lighting used.
  • Shadowing: This type of lighting requires placing lights between the area or object you want lit and a vantage point; a flat surface has to be behind the two areas in order to catch the shadows of the object.
  • Silhouetting: The lighting for silhouetting is placed behind the object or tree in order to create a silhouette effect. This can be used for trees, bushes, or any object that you want to add more drama.
  • Up Lighting: The lighting is placed at the base of a tree or object to highlight the main area of the object or trunk of the tree.
  • Washing: What are wall wash lights? This is a lighting where you flood a large wall or area in order to give it more ambient lighting. This would work for a fence or even a patio area.

Why Install Landscape Lighting?

Many people who own homes always want to know why they should install landscape lighting. There are a lot of reasons why investing in landscape lighting is a good idea. The first reason is that it adds more value to a property. You can highlight the features of your home, add more dimension and drama, and give it more style. Also, if you plan on selling your home, people love homes that have more lighting. Another reason why landscape lights are a good idea is that they add more curb appeal. You are able to accentuate the best parts of your lawn and backyard with the right landscape lighting. One of the biggest reasons that homeowners should consider landscape lighting is for security reasons. With more landscape lighting, the house won’t be a potential target to burglars. Lastly, landscape lighting keeps you safe. If you don’t have well-lit pathways or lights on your patio, there is the chance that someone could fall and hurt themselves. If you are interested in investing in landscape lighting, you might be wondering, “How much does it cost for landscape lighting?” it is all going to cost on how much landscape lighting you have installed, what types of lights are being used, and the type of fixtures used.

Landscape Lighting Spot Vs Flood

A Picture of an Illuminated Home Garden.

Which One is Better?

Both landscaping spot and flood lighting are very different types of lighting. Spot lighting is when the light casts a very small beam of light and it fixed on a specific area, whereas flood lighting is a beam of light that is really spread out and highlights a larger area of your yard or home. Neither one is better than the other, it just depends on the look that you want. Sometimes spot lighting is going to fit better than flood lighting and vice versa. Depending on how you want your trees, bushes, or patio to look will determine what type of lighting is used. If you are needing landscape lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, please call the professionals at Majestic Outdoor Lighting. It might seem like landscape lighting could be done on your own, but you would never tackle a residential roofing project on your own, so why attempt it with your landscape lighting? Our team has the experience and skills to offer quality outdoor lighting for your home. Give us a call at (817) 345-3696 to learn more.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Light Bulb?

LED Lights Offer Great Lighting Options For Your Landscape And Are Easy To Maintain.

Landscaping and LED Lights

Does you home need outdoor lighting? Not just any light will do, because for exterior lighting, you are investing in something that needs to last. Thanks to growing advancements, LED lights have become a popular trend for outdoor lighting and outdoor landscaping. LED lights are not new and have actually been on the market for quite some time. That being said, not many homeowners know what an LED light really is or what the benefits are. For years, Majestic Outdoor Lighting has been serving the DFW communities. We are the experts when it comes to LED lights in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX.

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Why is LED Lighting Better?

  • Energy efficient: LED lights use 95% of their energy to produce light and only 5% is converted to heat. This means you are getting more light, less heat, and there are less greenhouse gases being emitted. A home with a LED lights electric bill will see lower costs due.
  • No toxic elements: LED lights contain no mercury as many incandescent lights still do. Mercury is incredibly noxious and harmful and inside incandescent lights, which makes disposal of those lights very tricky. Halogen lights contain halogen gas as well. Since LED lights do not have these harmful chemicals, use and disposal of them are considered to be not as difficult.
  • Less lights needed: LED lights have a higher quality of light distribution and focus light in one direction. This means that less lights are needed to light a room or a backyard.
  • Lifespan: LED lights can last decades longer than incandescent and halogen lights. This makes them a reliable light source for outside light purposes. For example, LED lights a great tool for security purposes. They can be installed once and you don’t have to worry about them for quite some time.
For landscape lighting, LED lights are reliable and dependable.

LED Lights vs. Halogen Lights

When deciding on lighting for your home and exterior, it can seem impossible to know what is the best option. Most of the time, we see clients wanting to know which is better: LED lights or halogen?

LED lights or Halogen?

  • Halogen lights: Technically still an incandescent light, but the filament is surrounding by halogen gas, which uses less electricity but glows just as bright.
  • LED lights: A diode within the bulb is connected by electricity, sparking the electrons which then create photons, which we see as light.

Halogen lights:

  • Cheap upfront cost: For initial an purchase, halogen lights are cheap to purchase
  • Reasonably long life-span: Even with regular use, these lights do a fairly long life-span, but it is still not very long.
  • Do require care w/ disposal: Because of the halogen gas suspended inside, some can find it difficult to dispose of these lights.

LED Lights:

  • Expensive upfront cost: The initial purchase of LED lights is comparatively more expensive than an incandescent or halogen light, which deters many customers.
  • Incredibly long life-span: LED lights makeup for the expensive cost through their lasting ability. Most LED lights can last 2 to 3 decades longer than their incandescent and halogen counterparts.
  • Disposal is easy: Because there are no toxic chemicals within a LED light, many find the disposal of these lights easier.

LED Lights are actually becoming popular to use in outdoor lighting. To ensure your yard is always visible, make sure to enlist local tree services to maintain your yard and help keep your lights shining bright, with no competition.

LED Lighting Issues

While a good investment, there can be some issues with LED lighting that clients are concerned about. There is the upfront cost. LED lights are typically more expensive than traditional incandescent lights, but newer innovations are actually pushing down the price for LED lights.

Many homeowners have indicated the harsh light or the blue light from LED lights puts a strain on their eyes. LED lights do offer a brighter, more focused light which can be a drastic change for some. There are many LED lights that can be used with a dimmer, to lessen the brightness of the light.

Another issue seen during installation has to do with the manufacturing. The way a LED light was manufactured can cause issues when attempting install or light an area. This is especially so with electrical wiring, especially with outdoor lighting. For help with landscape LED lights, contact Majestic Outdoor Lighting today, (817) 345-3696. We work with the best quality LED lights in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

They use less energy, do not get as hot as traditional bulbs, and last much longer than incandescent or halogen lights.

Do LED lights use less energy?

Yes, they do use less energy to activate and stay on.

Do LED lights really save money?

In several ways, LED lights save money. Because of their life-span, it’s estimated that a homeowner will only need to spend $38 in total over the course of 23 years, to light their home and even replace LED lights.

How much electricity does a LED night light use?

LED lights use a total of 10W of electricity, including LED night lights.

Majestic Outdoor Lighting has served our community for over 10 years, providing quality LED landscape lighting.

LED Lights in Your Area

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How to Maintain your Majestic Lighting

Making your upgrade to Majestic last a lifetime.

You’ve made the decision to Make it Majestic and your house and property look amazing. We believe that quality is a lifetime commitment, and taking care of your lights is no exception.

Like a Maserati needs oil changes and tire rotations, top-performing lights need to be taken care of as well. Sure, our Built-in-America lights are backed by 20-year warranties, but that only covers certain breaks and failures. We want our lights to always look their best, and so it takes a little elbow grease to keep that Majestic look.

One quick note; we know how hard you’ve worked to get these lights – that hard work doesn’t leave a lot of time to do your own maintenance, or it may not seem as important as other things going on in your life. We get it. That’s why we offer an inexpensive maintenance program; our fully-trained technicians makes 2 checkups a year, cleaning, replacing, adjusting everything. We know that cleaning your landscape lighting probably isn’t your top priority – fortunately for you, it is ours, and we’d be glad to take the time and care to ensure your home stays beautiful.

Top 5 tips for maintaining your lights

Here’s a quick checklist of things that you can do around your home to get the brightest performance out of your Majestic Lighting!


  • Replace burned-out bulbs and fixtures – From the cheap light at Home Depot to our top-end products, any light will eventually need a bulb replacement. When a fixture goes out, and it’s still under warranty, give us a call at 817.345.3696 and we’ll help you with replacing it at no cost to you. Unless otherwise stated in our initial contract, all of our lights will be covered under a warranty (with a few exceptions like lightning strikes, etc).
  • Spray and Clean all Lenses of up-lights – Dust, dirt, and who knows what else are all going to end up covering the surface of any upward-pointing light. It’s just the nature of, well, nature. Spray it down with soapy water (we recommend using Kaboom! if you don’t want to purchase the expensive proprietary lens cleaner), and gently wipe with a soft cloth. This will make a dramatic difference immediately!
  • Bury exposed wired and fixtures – Wind, rain, and other Texas elements can uncover parts of a lighting installation that were previously buried. Exposing these wires and parts can be hazardous to people and creatures, so we recommend checking to ensure that they are covered. Our state-of-the-art LEDs are considered low-voltage, so luckily it’s not as dangerous to handle as traditional electrical work; it’s still best to be extremely cautious around live wires. We recommend you unplug the transformer before working on or around any exposed fixtures, or better yet, let us know and our experts will come out and take care of everything!
  • Trim shrubs around Fixtures – You may not notice it, but living landscape changes over time. A beam that is perfectly placed by our lighting designers is just one new leaf away from being obscured. You’ve paid for your lights, don’t let them become hidden!
  • Adjust Fixtures – Being outdoors can be rough, especially on your lighting fixtures! We do our best to affix our lights so they don’t move or wander; unfortunately they need a little check-up now and then. Shifting soils, accidental bumping, and a whole list of actions can move your beam angle, taking an expertly-placed light source and pointing it in a random direction. It seems trivial, but it makes a gigantic impact when you notice it!

Majestic Maintenance Program

For those on-the-go, landscape lighting maintenance is probably pretty far down on your priority list. We believe that our work speaks for itself and we want you do get every dime of value out of your investment, so we offer a Majestic Maintenance Program. Renewable every 12 months and based off the number and type of lights on your property, we send a fully-trained lighting technician twice per year to:

  • Replace Burned out bulbs/fixtures that are still within the Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Spray and Clean all Lenses of your Up-Lights
  • Buries any exposed wires or Fixtures
  • Lightly trim Shrubs around Fixtures
  • Test Voltage
  • Adjust all Fixtures

For more information about our worry-free Majestic Maintenance Program, please call 817.345.3696 for a quote!

Know that our maintenance program is not an insurance policy and does not cover some things, which require additional charges. These include:

  • Damage from acts of God or natural phenomena (Insects, animals, Fire, Tornado, Lightning, etc.)
  • Damage or misuse of any wiring, transformer, or fixture.
  • Replacement products that have an expired manufacturer warranty from the time of the original installation.


Professionally-Installed Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Call For a Free, No-Obligation Demo at your convenience!


Bring the Look of Your Poolside to an entirely New Level With Our Professional Lighting Services.

With Majestic Outdoor Lighting’s professionally-installed landscape lighting systems, you can enjoy your landscape in a whole new light year-round! We’re based in Keller and we provide outdoor lighting services in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX,  and all surrounding areas.

Landscape lighting not only greatly improves the appearance of your property, but it also can aid in safety for you and your loved ones. You can install security outdoor lighting, or even incorporate security features into a beautiful outdoor lighting design. No matter what end result you are searching for, we are the team to call to ensure your landscape lighting dreams become a reality. We are proud of the reputation we have earned for our premier landscape lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX.

Our Customer Pledge:landscape lighting outside

  • To provide an enjoyable and seamless buying experience
  • To deliver the highest quality lighting products
  • Utilize only the best lighting installation practices
  • Maintain the highest level of customer service satisfaction

We have installed landscape lighting in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX area for pools, backyards, decks and outdoor kitchens for hundreds of clients. See how majestic your home can look at night! Schedule a FREE evening demonstration.

We are located in Keller, Texas and service the entire DFW metroplex. We have spent years honing the art of landscape / outdoor lighting. We specialize in designing an outdoor lighting plan and we provide top of the line installation of LED lighting systems, low voltage and more. Give us a chance to earn your trust. We want  you to experience the Majestic Outdoor Lighting difference.

Our Lighting Services

pool lightingWe provide a large array of outdoor lighting services in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX to fit any need. We can assist you with creating any ambiance you are looking for. Whether you are hoping to increase the security of your property through properly lit paths, or you are hoping to create a romantic outdoor dining place, we have the lighting solutions for your needs. Our team is composed of experts in outdoor lighting design. We will carefully construct a perfect plan for your home or commercial property. And we will go over every detail of the outdoor lighting plan we construct with you to ensure it is precisely what you are looking for.

We provide all of the following types of Outdoor Lighting:

  • Arbors and Water Feature Nothing improves the ambiance of your water features and arbors like a beautiful lighting design.
  • Business and Commercial Lighting Have a large property or a special commercial project you need assistance with? Talk to us about the options available.
  • Garden Lighting Make your garden stand out with lighting fixtures that enhance your garden’s natural beauty.
  • Holiday Lighting Get in the spirit of the holidays with fun, classic or even animated holiday lighting.
  • Home Exterior Lighting See your home in a whole new light with year-round home exterior lighting.
  • Landscape Lighting Your landscaping can be brought to life through the simple design of outdoor lighting.
  • LED Landscape Unearth the beauty of LED paired with energy savings by enhancing your property with LED landscape lighting.
  • Down Lighting Enhance the feel of your property through this specialty tree lighting.
  • Pool Lighting Add lighting to make your poolside a usable space day or night.
  • Security Lighting Keep you and your family safe through proper security lighting.

We also provide the following Extra Services:

We are based in Keller, TX and service the greater DFW area. We have spent years providing quality lighting solutions for the area and we look forward to extending these service to you. If you want to learn more about the work we provide, feel free to either check out our online gallery, or fill out our online form to schedule an evening demonstration of our work. When you are looking for landscape lighting in DFW that you can count on for quality, beauty and durability, contact the experts at Majestic Outdoor Lighting.