Lighting Maintenance Program in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX

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Make Sure That Your Lighting in System is Always Operating As It Should By Scheduling Your Maintenance Appointment Now!

Now that you’ve made the choice to install one of our beautiful low-voltage outdoor lighting packages, it’s time to protect it with Majestic Outdoor Lighting’s Worry-Free Maintenance Program. We constantly strive to ensure that our clients not only receive excellent installation services, but that their outdoor lighting can continue to shine for years to come. Proper maintenance will help ensure a longer lifespan for your lighting system.

Our lighting maintenance program in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX includes all of the following:

Replace Bulbs

With our maintenance plan, burned out bulbs are a thing of the past. Not only can a burned out light ruin the ambiance of your property, it can also be hazardous. A well lit path can mean the difference between a safe walk into your home at night or a stumble in the dark. We will check your up lights to ensure they are ready to provide you the light you desire.

Because we are an expert and experienced outdoor lighting company we can handle replacing any light bulb, no matter where the location of the bulb is. This can save you from a dangerous trip up a ladder.

Spray and Clean Lenses

When the lenses on your lighting fixtures are covered in a dirty film, their power can be diminished. This can lead to uneven or dim lighting.

We will carefully handle all of your up lighting fixtures as we spray each lens delicately. We will ensure every fixture is clean and clear of any film as part of our lighting maintenance plan.

Bury Exposed Wires

Don’t let unsightly wires ruin the appearance of your property. We can easily remedy this situation by burying any exposed wires on your property.

Not only does this enhance the look of your landscaping, but it can protect your wires from the elements and from potential damage caused by critters or foot traffic.

Adjust Fixtures

When we visit your property to perform maintenance on your lighting system, we will adjust any of your fixtures as needed. Our technicians are extremely friendly and dedicated to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions about your lighting system or you have a specific request for adjustments to be made, do not hesitate to talk to our staff about these needs. We will be happy to discuss your options and even help you implement new fixtures as desired.

Quality Customer Service

Majestic Outdoor Lighting is committed to providing you with outstanding customer satisfaction!

Our complete maintenance program covers everything from cleaning and service, to light bulb replacement. We’ll even take care of the transformers, fixtures, and wiring as well!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your landscape in a whole new light!

Semi-annual maintenance check ups – performed by our trained lighting technicians – start as low as $400/year. Call (817) 345-3696 for more details today!