Outdoor Security Lighting

If you are planning a long vacation or going out of the country, it can be worrying leaving your home unprotected. Many break-ins happen while families are off on holiday having fun, only to come home to devastation. Prevent this trauma from happening and deter thieves with outdoor security lights! If you are interested in getting outdoor security lighting for your home in KellerFort Worth and Dallas, TX, call Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696!

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Outside Security Lights Should Be Placed High Up and Out of Reach

Popular outside security lights include motion sensor lights in the driveway, landscaping lights installed in the yard, and tiki lights placed on fence panels. All of these can create ambiance and still help you have a vantage point. If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, solar powered outdoor security lights are a great option! They absorb UV rays during the day and illuminate at night using the stored light source. The best bet for home security are motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights turn on whenever someone walks inside their radius, being both a security measure and energy efficient since it only turns on when needed. Affordable, you can buy multiple and put them at all entry points of the house. Important areas include the garage, driveway, back and front doors, and shed if you have one. This outdoor security lighting is beneficial because you can see it activate from the safety of your home as an intruder approaches, giving you time to call the authorities.

Professional Lighting Installation

A poorly installed lighting system will not only improperly work, but will be easy for thieves to steal themselves should they so wish! To avoid intruders dismantling lights, make sure they are at least 8 feet high and out of reach. Unique outdoor security lights like up lights are installed around trees and foliage and shine upward, which can illuminate intruders hiding in the bushes. If there is no one there, it can provide a nice aesthetic. Many homeowners have timer lights inside their homes. These are easily bought at stores and simply attach to lamps, and work like a kitchen timer, where you can automatically make a lamp turn on and off to give the appearance that someone is home. If you are interested in getting professional installation of outdoor security lighting for your home in KellerFort Worth and Dallas, TX, contact Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696 today.