What Should You Look for When Buying Outdoor Security Lighting?

Outdoor lighting depicted with spheres and cast iron holdings.

Do You Need Outdoor Security Lighting?

As a business owner or homeowner, making sure your business, home, or property is safe and secure is a concern. This includes installing an alarm system and outdoor security lighting, and with the lighting, there come many concerns and questions, such as what is the most durable outdoor security lighting?

What is the History of Outdoor Lighting Options?

In the past, incandescent bulbs were the only option in lightbulbs, but today, we have improved with LED lights. Many benefits are going with LED outdoor security lighting that makes LED lighting so different than incandescent bulbs.  LED is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. The work with electrical currents passing through microchips and illuminates the tiny light sources, the LEDs. The benefits of LED light bulbs include:  

  • LESS ENERGY: An outdoor security lighting system with LED bulbs will help lower energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize landfill waste with the burnt bulbs. 
  • COLOR CHOICES: Using an outdoor security lighting system with LED bulbs you have a wide choice in color tints thanks to the light-emitting diodes of each bulb. White light is created by using several hues mixed, or colors can be mixed to achieve a different color of ting. 
  • EASY TO POSITION: An outdoor security system with LED bulbs makes it easy to control the positioning. This can reduce the chance of fire hazards. 
  • TURN ON IMMEDIATELY: Most CFL bulbs used in an outdoor security lighting system have to warm up before they are fully light. LED bulbs light up immediately at the flip of a switch. 
  • COOLER: Using LED bulbs in an outdoor security lighting system burns cooler than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them safer. Ninety percent of an incandescent bulb is wasted to heat not lighting.
  • EASY DISPOSAL:  Today, with environmental concerns, many cities are making it difficult to throw out incandescent bulbs because many of them contain mercury. An outdoor security system with LED bulbs will last longer and when they are burned out, they are easily disposed of. 

What is the best security light for outside a business or home?

Darkness attracts burglars and the intended goal of outdoor security lighting is to make the outdoor spaces secure from those burglars and other unwanted visitors. Properly placed outdoor security lighting makes a business or home a less attractive target, and an important aspect of LED lighting is the amount of lumens! 

What are lumens? 

Lumens are how the brightness of LED lights is measured. The more lumens, the brighter the light. For an outdoor security lighting system, experts recommend starting with 700 lumens, depending on several factors such as: 

  • Location
  • Area
  • Purpose

What is the best exterior sensor light?

Lighting experts recommend using flood lighting with a motion sensor. They are directionally adjustable and when the sun goes down, they come on automatically with any motion, and off during daylight hours. With motion sensor lights as part of your outdoor security lighting system strategically placed, any unwanted visitor is startled and runs off. 

What are the most familiar types of outdoor security lighting?

There are four types of outdoor security lighting for any business owner or homeowner: 

  • Continuous lighting: This is the most common type of outdoor security lighting. This design of lighting provides controlled lighting and greater projection.
  • Moveable lighting: This type of outdoor security lighting is operated manually and contains either flood lights or moveable searchlights that are positioned in selected places as temporary lighting. This is a common security lighting around construction sites.
  • Standby lighting: This type of outdoor security lighting consists of continuous systems and is designed to be used either reserve or stand-by man and can supplement continuous systems.  In the continuous mode, they can be set to engage automatically or manually. 
  • Emergency lighting: This type of outdoor security lighting may duplicate any or all of the other lighting listed here and is used during a power failure or any type of emergency if there are issues with inoperative lighting. This type of lighting can be used on batteries or a generator if needed. 

How long will an outdoor security lighting system with LED bulbs last? 

When properly installed and maintained, an outdoor security lighting system with LED light bulbs can last 10 and 15 years. A professional lighting service can add a driver change to extend that lifespan. 

Light Up Your World! 

When you’re concerned about the safety of your business or home, installing an outdoor security lighting system can give you comfort and peace of mind, and with LED bulbs, you won’t see a major increase in your energy bill. When combined with your alarm system, burglars and other unwanted visitors are frightened before any damage or theft can occur. Many business property and homeowner insurance policies may offer a discount on the policy with both an outdoor security lighting system along with an alarm system. Call us now at (817) 345-3696 if you need outdoor security lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX!