6 Quick Ways to Decorate With Lights

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we want to make your yard look its very best. But there are some DIY projects that are just too fun to resist. If you plan to do some outdoor entertaining this Spring or Summer, check out these six ideas for dressing up your party with lights.

Floating Tea Lights for Romance

Float tea light candles in a birdbath full of water. Choose colors and fragrances that you find appealing. For added allure, sprinkle rose petals on the top of the water before placing the floating candles.

Party Umbrellas for Fun

Cover your tables with large, colorful, party umbrellas for shade from the sun. At night, transform the umbrellas into a colorful backdrop by wrapping their edges in LED lights of every color, and dangling luminaries made from flameless candles and vibrant glass.

Mason Jar Candles for Nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane with this old-school aesthetic. White or cream-colored candles inside clear glass mason jars make a lovely, old-fashioned light source for your family gathering.

a photo of a tea light on top of rose petalsTwig Chandelier for Serenity

You can bring the serenity of Nature into your yard by fastening a round chandelier out of twigs. You can also purchase pre-made twig wreaths at craft stores. Weave soft white LED lights throughout the twigs, and hang the chandelier from a tree branch.

Solar-Powered Paper Lanterns for Whimsy

Paper lanterns have a distinctly whimsical style, and they come in a variety of colors. Hang them in your yard, wherever children (or the young-at-heart) gather. They will begin to glow after the sun sets.

Tree Lights for Everyday Magic

All it takes is a bit of sparkle to transform a drab seating area into a magical scene. String tiny twinkle lights into your shorter trees and bushes for a subtle holiday feeling all year long.

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