3 Hot Trends in Outdoor Decor

Do you want to change your outdoor aesthetic for better entertaining and visual appeal? With the right outdoor lighting and the right features, your yard could become a stunning area where people love to gather. Here are three trendy ideas to update your back yard.

waterfall in yard, landscape lighting1 – Stories by the Fire Pit

If you’re the type who loves to sit around the campfire and tell stories, or just visit with friends and family, an outdoor fire pit could be a great choice! You can gather with friends and family to stay warm in the winter, and roast hot dogs or marshmallows in the summer. To really dress up the area, consider adding ambiance¬†with outdoor lighting.

2 – Comfy Outdoor Seating

Whether it’s a hammock, a swinging bed, or an entire set of outdoor chairs and love seats, you should have an area where visitors can lounge around and enjoy each other’s company. You can even give the spot a magical feel by hanging strands of white holiday lights above the seating.

3 – Striking Water Features and More

If you have a beautiful fountain or statue that you’d like to direct visitors to, outdoor lighting can really make it¬†stand out. And don’t forget to light the pathways as well; you don’t want anyone to trip and hurt themselves while touring your new back yard.

Our experienced professionals can meet all of your outdoor lighting needs. If you’re not sure which type of lighting to use, we can make suggestions. Give us a call today!