Why is LED lighting better?

LED light

What Does LED Mean in Lighting?

Everyone is always looking for the next way to save themselves some money and improve their own home. When it comes to putting lights into your home, LED lighting can give you an entirely better system to keep your home lit while you enjoy more advantages than a traditional lighting system is capable of. LED lights, or light emitting diode lights, work differently to regular light bulbs and floodlights. Thanks to the diodes built into them, LED lighting presents itself as the modern form of lighting with several advantages held over the traditional options. In a smaller, compact form, it has the capacity to be brighter and longer lasting than any other option on the market.

Since their invention in the early 1960s, then gaining traction in the 1980s, LED lighting has only improved by being made more efficient while their lifespan has been lengthened to the point of outlasting the competition. Whether you need string lights on a single circuit, floodlights, lamp lights, LED lighting will serve to only improve your experience. When living Fort Worth and Dallas, TX get a company that you can trust when getting LED lighting. Majestic Outdoor Lighting can get the job done with our lighting experts that have years of experience in serving the community. Call (817) 345-3696 today to set up an appointment for LED lighting.

Do LED Lights Really Save Money?

It cannot be stressed how energy efficient LED lighting is compared to the traditional options. Comparatively, a ten watt LED bulb can give the same amount of output as a sixty watt incandescent light bulb. To be sure, the benefits of LED lighting also overtake the disadvantages by a wide margin. While having a higher upfront cost, the bulbs make the cost back up by having an average cost of twelve cents for every kilowatt used per hour. To put it in another way, it will only cost you thirty dollars by the time it runs for twenty-five thousand hours. Additional advantages also include:

  • Household lighting efficiency 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lack of produced heat
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Brighter
  • Long lifespan

LED lighting tends to beat out any competition thanks to their amazingly long lifespan that can go up to a hundred thousand hours, generally lasting for years of regular use without having to be changed. Many customers also sing the praise of the lights with their multiple options in color and shape. Often producing a softer form of light than what comes out traditionally from other kinds of light. While there are various types of LED bulbs across various industries, it is easy to find just the one you need for a longer lasting and more efficient light source.

Why are LED Lights so Bright?

There are various misconceptions and myths surrounding LED lighting that often steer away those that would enjoy the benefits they can provide. The truth is, any person that stares at a light bulb or a source of light will be a victim to some sort of health malady. The reason is that many people often do not realize that LED lighting is far brighter at the same wattage than traditional lighting. The problem then persists when there is no method to dim the installed light bulbs. Now, the most common myths that have to do with that and plague this modern form of lighting tend to be as such:

  • Are LED lights safe for human eyes?
  • Do LED lights give people headaches?
  • Can LED lights work in the cold?

Many have risen up to answer these questions without any sort of knowledge to back up their claims affirming that gives LED lights a negative connotation. However, these questions can be easily answered with only a minor amount of knowledge on the subject. All lights, as mentioned, can have a negative effect on a person’s eyes if a person has to spend a significant amount of time with the source in their view. LED lights are in fact safe for a person’s eyes in normal circumstances just like any other type of light. On the accusation of LED lights giving a person headaches, there is a bit of an explanation behind that. When a regular light turns off and on quickly, it only goes down to thirty percent light output before reverting back to full output. LED lighting shuts off completely and all the way back on, causing an interruption to the light source reaching your eyes. When there are interruptions to the light reaching the eyes, that can give you a headache and should be investigated when there are flickering lightbulbs. The problem is more than likely never occur because of the lightbulb. When installed in cold climates, modern LED lighting turns on effectively just as it does in warm settings.

LED lighting

What are the Different Types of LED Lights?

Just as there are various kinds of traditional light bulbs, there are various kinds of LED lights that can fit whatever a person needs in terms of a light source. While the industries that make multiple kinds of LED lighting are not necessarily united, that does not mean you are left hanging when needing something specific in your lighting needs. The various kinds of LED lights include: 

  • Specific purpose
  • Miniature
  • Floodlight
  • Colored
  • Vehicular

The list goes on in terms of what you can get when it comes to LED lighting. You can install them into your car, your home, a flashlight, they have become a widespread modern lighting solution. Trust a lighting company that have become experts in them when in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Call Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696 today to schedule your appointment.