How do you cool a covered patio?

patio misting

Do patio misters work?

For homeowners in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas, shade tends to not do much to stave off the summer heat. An easy way of improving your patio and enjoying the outdoors in the summer is with the installation of a patio misting system. Whether you just got done gardening, finished a harsh workout, need a break from tanning, or any other outdoor activity, patio misting can enhance the experience with a refreshingly comfortable place to rest outside. The systems themselves work in a way that can be considered similar to the natural process of cooling down a region. With misters spreading out water particles into the air and evaporating the moisture into the heat. This creates a relatively humid environment that is cooler thanks to the moisture and shade.

A misting system installed into your outdoor patio operates by being fed water through a small nozzle or hose and dispersing it through the air onto those within its range. The particles thereby naturally spread out and get carried by the airflow from the home as well as the natural breeze. Low-pressure misters operate in similar regard, needing a pump to make the cool mist truly effective. One of the best parts of the system is also the mist is not unnaturally cooled, only going by the temperature that comes through your waterline, which generally is naturally cold thanks to moving through the piping. Majestic Outdoor Lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX can install the system onto your patio when you call (817) 345-3696 today to schedule your appointment.

Do you need a pump for a misting system?

Unlike the low-pressure system, most patio misters need a pump to operate to any measure that would be considered effective. This is due to regular misters having a different design when it comes to dispersing water droplets. They need more pressure, which a pressure pump easily provides when feeding water into the system. While visibly there may not be much difference between the regular and the low pressure, the patio misting provided by the former is far more spread out with finer droplets released from the device. 

By and large, the brunt of the price for most patio misters comes in the water pressure pump. After that, patio misting uses relatively little water compared to other water-related systems in the normal household. To put it in another way, a patio mister uses significantly less water than your air conditioner a large margin.

Do misters keep mosquitoes away?

For Texans and southerners in general across the United States, bugs like mosquitoes are a problem. However, when a property owner installs patio misting insects steer clear of the misted area. The reason is due to that insects have more trouble flying in mist than they do in dry air. When their wings are weighed down by the water droplets, insects then sink to the ground and have to move in the open until their wings dry. Patio misting in that sense is also effective against insects like wasps, house flies, yellow jackets, and more. Instead of using toxic methods to get rid of pests that come after you when you relax outside, patio misting offers a method of keeping everything healthy by making an area that annoying insects actively avoid.

While pato misting feels great, they can damage wooden structures and paint when not properly installed. However, this can be easily avoided by suitable placement where the moisture will not build up on the wooden or painted surface. Also seek out openings in wooden structures that would be an entry point for moisture among other threats like pests. These spots should be covered to prevent rot from occurring inside the wood and make it structurally inept. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for the buildup of mildew or mold. When caught early, both can easily be cleaned with a small amount of soap and water.

patio misting

What are the Three Main Types of Mist Systems?

There are actually several types of mist systems that provide a spread out of water droplets to either cool an area. However, the three types of patio misters are defined by low, medium, and high pressure dispersion. From low to high, the capabilities of each system increase with low pressure patio misters being the least expensive and easiest to install to the high pressure patio misters being capable of higher pressure as well as output while being more expensive. The same system applies when it is a misting system built into a fan, with there being more output for a higher cost into the system. A caveat of this, however, is that lower pressure systems tend to be defined by being wetter due to that they are building up more moisture in a smaller area and not spreading out the output. The best system should be defined by the space it is in, with a patio misting system of moderate size being for a moderate-sized area. Majestic Outdoor Lighting can help with this decision for homeowners in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Call (817) 345-3696 today to schedule your appointment for a patio misting system installation.