Business and Commercial Outdoor Lighting

At Majestic Outdoor Lighting we are proud of the incredible business and commercial lighting applications we provide. The above statue is a wonderful example of the creative, but stunning displays we can create for any business. We provide a wide array of business and commercial outdoor lighting solutions in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, and areas throughout the metroplex. Contact our experts by dialing (817) 345-3696 to learn more!

If you ask any of our previous clients about us they will tell you about our extreme dedication to customer satisfaction and our outstanding outdoor lighting solutions. From simple security lighting measures to astounding displays like the one above, we can help your company find the perfect outdoor lighting option!

Variety of Commercial Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting can be extremely useful for your commercial property for a variety of reasons. From creating an eye catching display that draws in clients, to adding safety to your walkways, we have the right outdoor lighting solution for your business.

We can assist you with outdoor commercial lighting solutions for any of the following applications:

  • Signs: Help your business stand out with a well lit sign that calls attention to your business. We can even help you find a creative solution that makes your property stand out from the crowd.
  • Campuses: Well lit walkways are safer and more appealing on any school or church campus.
  • Parking lots: Lessen your business’ liability with parking lot lighting solutions.
  • Building fronts: A dimly lit or dark building front is a deterrent for customers and an invitation for vandalism. Talk to us about outdoor lighting solutions for commercial and business buildings.
  • Fountains: Bring to light your beautiful water features with stunning lighting systems.
  • Walkways: Keep your property safer with walkway lighting.
  • Outdoor displays: Capitalize on your outdoor investments by portraying them in a good light!
  • Courtyards: Create more usable space in the evening by lighting your courtyards and outdoor gathering areas.
  • and more!

No matter what outdoor lighting solution your company is looking for we can assist you with finding the perfect fit for your needs. Our goal is to always stay within your budget while assisting you in choosing a long term solution. And we provide an incredible maintenance program that can help to ensure your business is well lit year round!

Is your company looking to embrace the festivities of the holiday season this year? Talk to us about our Christmas and holiday lighting options! We can help your company celebrate with elegant or colorful lighting.

Our Work

Check out some highlights below from previous work we have performed. We are proud to provide business and commercial lighting to the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX area. Give Majestic Outdoor Lighting a call today at (817) 345-3696.