Go Beyond Just Creative, Make it Majestic!

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Go Beyond Creative, Make it Majestic in  Fort Worth and Dallas, TX

Creative Outdoor Lighting

Lighting that’s more than creative – it’s Majestic! Why do Majestic customers rave about their outdoor lighting once they’ve made it Majestic? And what is it about our services that sets us apart? What is it that makes us more than creative, and worthy of the name Majestic? It’s all in the quality and service that you get nowhere else.

Quality Lights

First, let’s talk about our lights. Every light we install is made in the USA. Our lights are exclusive to Texas and are the absolute best lights you can buy. I mean, we wouldn’t include a 20-year warranty if we didn’t trust our lights. Rain, shine, heat, snow (and in nw_data field=seo_city], TX, these may be all in the same day!), the lights we carefully install make it more than a purchase; they become an investment.

Excellent Service

Some companies have these “light salesmen”, that show up one time, place their lights in “creative” ways, and once they have the check you’ll never see them again.

Our Lighting Designers work with you, being there as often as it takes, to get you the nightscape you deserve. From the very first appointment, you can feel the difference as your personal Lighting Designer brings a demo kit to your door and shows you exactly what our top-tier lights will do to your property.

If it’s Outdoor and Lighting, we do it!

We can assist you with any of the following outdoor lighting systems:

    • Arbors and Water Feature
        Enhance the overall look and atmosphere of your backyard with our arbor and water feature lighting.



    • Down Lighting
        Bring a new element to your home or business with the magic of moonlighting or down lighting.


    • Garden Lighting
        Add lights to your garden to take it to the next level. Give us a call to discuss available options.



    • Landscape Lighting
        Put your impeccable landscape on display for all to see by adding landscape lighting to the mix.


    • LED Landscape
        With LED landscape lighting option, you’re able to show off the beauty around your property without having to worry about your energy bill going through the roof.


    • Pool Lighting
        Transform your pool into the oasis you’ve always wanted with our professional pool lighting.


    • Security Lighting
        The proper lighting for your home or business ensures overall safety.


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    A Better Warranty, Quality Service, and Comprehensive Lighting Design We haven’t even gone into our lights adding security and safety for your property, and we encourage you to check out some of our previous projects – they’re pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!

    Interested in learning more? Call the experts a Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696. Or drop your email for more information

    The Maintenance Needs of Outdoor Lighting

    An Illuminated Pathway

    Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Ensures Long-Term Value.

    Outdoor lighting can provide a host of benefits for a home, not the least of which are security and safety. A well-designed and installed outdoor lighting system can also dramatically improve the look of a home. Before you invest in outdoor lighting, however, you should understand all of the associated costs of outdoor lighting maintenance. Like any other outdoor element of your home, your lighting will require the benefits of occasional service and/or repairs.

    Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Needs

    To ensure that your lighting provides years of protection and enjoyment, schedule an outdoor lighting maintenance program from a trusted local contractor. To know you’re getting your money’s worth, make sure they perform the following.

    • Fixture Adjustment: The arrangement of fixtures can get out of whack over time. A maintenance professional should understand how to restore proper placement.
    • Re-Bury Exposed Wires: Any exposed wires represent a safety hazard, both in terms of electrocution and tripping potential. Even when marginally exposed, wires need to be properly re-buried in a trench deep enough to prevent their reappearance.
    • Lens Cleaning: Over time, your lighting’s lenses will accumulate a dirty film that lessens their performance. Cleaning the lenses is a standard part of lighting maintenance.
    • Bulb Replacement: Naturally, the bulbs of your outdoor lighting installation will occasionally need replacement. In order to experience continued enjoyment, make sure that your maintenance provider has the right bulbs to address this problem.

    At Majestic Outdoor Lighting, we’re the local experts for outdoor lighting maintenance in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. The next time you need service or repairs, contact our talented team right away at (817) 345-3696.

    What is a Downlighting System?

    Downlighting Provides An Elegance To Your Property.

    When you are considering a new lighting system for your landscape, you want all the information possible for different kinda of systems. One system that you may have questions about is downlighting. Lights with this system are placed within your trees to give you effective lighting at night and add the beauty of your property. We use LED bulbs and quality technique to ensure your landscape gets the lighting and look you are in need of. What other sorts of benefits does this system provide you with?

    What Downlighting Can Give Your Landscape

    Downlighting, or moonlighting, installed by our professional team does more than just light up your property; it gives your home great benefits! All of our systems are designed to better your property and increase its natural appearance. This particular system also offers the following benefits:

    • Lighting Looks Natural – Instead of harsh overhead systems like spotlights, you can have subtle yet beautiful light to brighten your home.
    • Increase Security – Thieves and vandals are less likely to consider your house a target if it is well lit.
    • Gives your Property Ambiance – Using warm light can make your property have a warm, welcoming feeling while a cooler light makes it seem as though it is moonlit!
    • LED Bulbs Use less Energy – LED bulbs to utilize less energy while still providing the light you need.

    Want to get started on your downlighting system for your home in Keller, TX? Majestic Outdoor Lighting provides you with quality, beautiful systems for your needs! We design, install and maintain your system to ensure you get a look and lights that add to your home’s beauty. Call us today at (817) 345-3696.


    Outdoor Security Lighting

    If you are planning a long vacation or going out of the country, it can be worrying leaving your home unprotected. Many break-ins happen while families are off on holiday having fun, only to come home to devastation. Prevent this trauma from happening and deter thieves with outdoor security lights! If you are interested in getting outdoor security lighting for your home in KellerFort Worth and Dallas, TX, call Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696!

    Motion Sensor Lights

    Motion Sensor Outside Security Lights Should Be Placed High Up and Out of Reach

    Popular outside security lights include motion sensor lights in the driveway, landscaping lights installed in the yard, and tiki lights placed on fence panels. All of these can create ambiance and still help you have a vantage point. If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, solar powered outdoor security lights are a great option! They absorb UV rays during the day and illuminate at night using the stored light source. The best bet for home security are motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights turn on whenever someone walks inside their radius, being both a security measure and energy efficient since it only turns on when needed. Affordable, you can buy multiple and put them at all entry points of the house. Important areas include the garage, driveway, back and front doors, and shed if you have one. This outdoor security lighting is beneficial because you can see it activate from the safety of your home as an intruder approaches, giving you time to call the authorities.

    Professional Lighting Installation

    A poorly installed lighting system will not only improperly work, but will be easy for thieves to steal themselves should they so wish! To avoid intruders dismantling lights, make sure they are at least 8 feet high and out of reach. Unique outdoor security lights like up lights are installed around trees and foliage and shine upward, which can illuminate intruders hiding in the bushes. If there is no one there, it can provide a nice aesthetic. Many homeowners have timer lights inside their homes. These are easily bought at stores and simply attach to lamps, and work like a kitchen timer, where you can automatically make a lamp turn on and off to give the appearance that someone is home. If you are interested in getting professional installation of outdoor security lighting for your home in KellerFort Worth and Dallas, TX, contact Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696 today.

    Why Choose A Misting System?

    Misting System

    A Misting System Can Make Your Outdoor Area Feel up to Thirty Degrees Cooler than It Is!

    Looking for a way to keep your family or your business guests cool this summer? A misting system is a fantastic addition to your home or business patio that helps to keep you cool and comfortable, even with heat rising well out of 90 degrees Fahrenheit! Majestic Outdoor Lighting installs quality systems for homeowners and businesses, designed for their needs. What can misting systems do for you? We’ve compiled some of the top benefits you can expect.

    Benefits of a Misting System

    • Keep Guests Comfortable – The use of a misting system can help your guests enjoy the outdoors. These systems are designed to lower the temperature and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your patio or seating area.
    • Reduce the Feel Of Humidity – Hot temperatures combined with excessive humidity can create a sticky, uncomfortable environment for your outdoor recreation area. However, because misting systems lower the temperature of the area, it reduces the humidity.
    • Bonus: Hydrate Your Lawn –  Keeping your lawn hydrated can prevent grass from burning up, meaning your lawn looks great throughout the season, A misting system will not only keep you cool, but the falling water can double as a way to keep your grass at its greenest!

    Interested in getting a misting system set up for your home or business in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX? Choose Majestic Outdoor Lighting for expert system installation for your needs. We provide you with these and beautifully designed lighting systems. Call us today at (817) 345-3696!

    The Importance of Outdoor Garden Lights

    Garden Lights

    Garden Lights Can Both Accentuate Your Garden and Provide for Safe Nighttime Enjoyment.

    If you have put forth the effort to create an impressive outdoor garden, you should also attend to its lighting needs. In addition to practical benefits like improved safety, garden lights can also accentuate your garden’s standout elements. As evening falls, a well-curated garden will become a different environment entirely. Garden lighting lets you enjoy everything that your garden has to offer!

    Accentuate Standout Elements

    Garden lights draw attention to your garden’s best elements, and can create unique effects when correctly installed. For example, lighting on a tree can create a dappled effect when applied to the canopy. Subtle lighting can also accentuate sculptures or water elements, and will create a unique impact through careful installation.

    Safety and Convenience

    Wandering through a garden in the dark simply isn’t safe. In the absence of lighting, safety concerns would make you actually avoid your garden after nightfall. Landscape lighting can create an invitingly ambient atmosphere that draws you and your visitors to the garden. It can also illuminate pathways and potential hazards to ensure safe enjoyment.


    A well-lit property will help deter thieves and trespassers. If your garden represents a substantial portion of your property, you should absolutely have it lit for security. Gardens without lighting can become refuges for trespassers to observe your home. With proper lighting, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your garden remains a safe haven.

    At Majestic Outdoor Lighting, we can provide for exceptional garden lights in Dallas, TX. To learn more or schedule installation from our professional team, simply give us a call at (817) 345-3696.

    Adding Lights To Your Home



    In the world we live in today, we have to be careful with every single thing we do. It may seem economical to turn your lights all off at night, but that leaves a window right open for someone to be able to sneak into your yard or break into your house. There are several things you can do to keep safe and protect yourself from things like this from happening. When you add lights to your yard, you are drawing positive attention to your home. Instead of it being something negative, it is something that will keep your home safer.


    Adding flood lights – If you add a few floodlights to your backyard, it will keep the main parts of the house lit up. This is a great idea because it will keep people from being able to just walk up to your back door without having someone potentially see them.

    Ground Lights – Adding lights to the ground in front of your house not only looks beautiful, but it will add an extra level of security to your home. Not many robbers are going to choose the most well-lit house on the street to break into because they are more likely to become caught.

    With just these few options, you can see why it is a good idea to add lighting to your home. We can go over options and pricing that works best for you if you call Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696.

    Exterior Lighting 101

    We know that outdoor lighting provides aesthetics, security, and safety to your home, but which lighting is right for your exterior and your budget? The Majestic Outdoor Lighting experts can discuss your exterior lighting options, and help you find the perfect match.

    Find Out Which Type of Exterior Lighting is Right for Your Home

    Our Exterior Lighting Options Will Illuminate and Protect Your Home.


    Security Lights

    Many homeowners look for exterior lighting that can provide security in their yard. For these individuals, spotlights or floodlights may be the answer. Floodlights are generally inexpensive and attach directly to the exterior of your home. They come in multiple sizes, styles, and brightnesses, and can be sensitivity adjusted. Spotlights, on the other hand, are used in landscaping and can provide accent as well as security lighting. These lights, however, are slightly more expensive because new wiring must be run during installation. These lights look great highlighting trees, bushes, and flower beds, and can provide an extra level of security throughout your yard.

    Accent Lighting

    Multiple types of accent lighting are available to allow you to create the precise look you want. Uplighting is the most commonly used accent lighting and attaches to the bottom exterior of your home to provide light in an upward sweep around the outer perimeter. These lights are available in different brightnesses and styles and can be programmed as motion sensing or continuous power lighting solutions. Walkway, flower garden, and poolside lights are also common and are typically flat cans that install flush with the ground. These lights project a dimmer light directly upward to provide a luminous accent throughout your space.

    Considerations When Choosing Your Lighting

    When choosing your home’s exterior lighting, consider the space to be covered as well as how bright you prefer the light to be. Some lighting options, such as floodlights, offer levels that extend from extremely dim to blindingly bright. Consider whether your light’s purpose is security or appearance to help you decide on strength, direction, and cost.

    No matter which type of lighting you want for your home’s exterior, the Majestic Outdoor Lighting professionals are ready to provide you with expert installation that’s quick and convenient. Call us today at (817) 345-3696 to learn more about our exterior lighting services.

    How Outdoor Lighting Provides Additional Security To Your Home

    Is your home as safe as you would like it to be? There are many things you can do to add security to your home, including adding lights! Today we will go over the various ways your home can benefit from strategic outdoor lighting.

    Throughout your property, there are different styles and techniques that lighting can be arranged in. The right lighting will add ambiance to your pool, your garden, and any outdoor seating areas. However, when done properly, these lights can be far more than accent lighting.

    Safety Lighting

    Putting lighting outside of your home makes your home safer. For example, lights around the pool ensure nobody stumbles in at night, and lights around pathways keep you safe from critters and other hazards in the dark. Additionally, your outdoor lights can be designed to improve security.

    First of all, no trespasser wants to be seen, so having lights around the property can keep intruders from risking your yard at all. However, if you don’t want to have the lights on all of the time. Our motion sensor lights are designed to only come on when they sense motion. This way, if anyone does decide to creep around in the darkness of your yard, the lights will snap on and illumniate the property.

    If you want to improve your security system with outdoor lighting, contact Majestic Outdoor Lighting today at (817) 345-3696. We provide great services at fair prices, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. To get an idea of our results, be sure to check out our gallery too!





    Have Your Landscape Lighting Repaired at the Start of the Year

    It’s a new year and your to-do list for the start, and for the rest of the year is undoubtedly growing. There are probably plenty of items you wanted to do or have done recently, but put off because of the impending holiday season. Now that it’s over, it’s a great time to make the year’s start productive. If your landscape lighting isn’t what it was, or parts seem to have burned out, have it repaired now.

    Benefits of Working Landscape Lights

    Yard Lights at Night

    Have Your Landscape Lighting Repaired at the Start of the Year.

    Your landscape lighting may seem like something that belongs lower on your list of priorities. However, think of all the things that your lighting does for your home. There are the little benefits, like enhancing your home, making it look like one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood. Missing lights take away from the glamour of your setup.

    There is also nighttime vision. If you make use of your backyard, or patio at night, you want to be able to see. You want your guests to be able to see, too. Plus, if you have to go out at night for some reason–to inspect or do some late-night task–it’s important that you have as much light as possible, even if you have a flashlight.

    Security is one of the bigger reasons to have your landscape lighting repaired immediately. Don’t let your home spend any longer without outdoor lights that help deter criminals. Get those missing and broken lights repaired so that you can get back to feeling safe for the rest of the year.

    Call Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696 for landscape lighting repairs and related services in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX today.