Arbors and Water Feature Lighting

Arbor Lighting

Bring Your Arbor Out of the Shadows by Having Lighting Fixtures Installed Today.

Creating a beautiful space around your home, in your backyard, on your patio and within your pool is all made possible through proper lighting. Majestic Outdoor Lighting provides arbors and water feature lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Our team is creative at finding the best ways to use light to highlight the greatest features of your space.

Have a small arbor that is shadowy and unused at night? Spruce it up with beautiful light features. Plan on implementing water features throughout your property? Bring these features to light even on the darkest of nights with beautiful LED lighting.

Endless Possibilities

When you hire our team to create a lighting system for your arbors or water features, you will find that the possibilities are endless! We will use various lighting fixtures to highlight components of your water features and arbors. By placing the lighting in a specific way, we can help create a beautiful ambiance for your outdoor space.

We also can help you explore the options of colored lighting. This can be a wonderful addition for water features and helps the feature to stand out in a whole new way. We can implement elegant, subtle lighting. Or create a festive atmosphere with changing colors. No matter what design dream you have in mind, we will find a way to implement the elements you want into a beautiful display.

Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the end result. We will take the time to go over all the design options we believe will fit your particular home best. We also encourage all of our potential clients to schedule a free evening demonstration to see our work firsthand. You can either call us to set this up or visit our online form page to fill out a request.

Portfolio of Work

Here at Majestic Outdoor Lighting, we are proud of the work we have performed. We enjoy helping each client find the right fit for their design wishes and budget needs. Check out the following gallery of our work and contact us anytime for more information about arbors and water feature lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Call us today (817) 345-3696 to speak with our experts today.