Quality Outdoor Lighting in Joshua, TX

Outdoor Lighting

We Offer Our Outdoor Lighting Services to Homes and Businesses Throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Finding the best outdoor lighting solution for your home or business can be quite a struggle if you do it yourself. Majestic Outdoor Lighting is your premier destination for residential and commercial lighting in Joshua, TX. Give us a call at (817) 345-3696 to chat with one of our lighting professionals today.


Our Outdoor Lighting Services

Not only can proper outdoor lighting amplify the beauty of your property, it can also provide greater safety to your home or business. When it comes to outdoor lighting options, the choices are endless! Whether you need commercial outdoor lighting or LED lights, we can help! Call (817) 345-3696 for any of the following services:

  • Arbor and Water Feature Lighting With great lighting, you can relish the beauty of your water feature, fountain, or other structure throughout the evening.
  • Business and Commercial Lighting With our professional installation, you’re able to illuminate your business.
  • Garden Lighting Spotlight the elegance of your garden with expertly installed lighting features.
  • Holiday and Christmas Lighting ‘Tis the season to spread holiday joy with a colorful light show for your home! Contact our team now.
  • Home Exterior Lighting Be the standout house on the block with a professional exterior lighting system.
  • Landscape Lighting If you want to showcase your landscaping at night, be sure to give us a call.
  • LED Landscape Lighting LED lighting is an ecological lighting option for your home’s landscape.
  • Lighting Maintenance To ensure you’re getting the absolute most out of your lighting system, make preventative maintenance appointments.
  • Misting System Installation Fight back against that ceaseless Texas heat with a professional grade misting system on your patio, front porch, or any outdoor lounging area.
  • Moonlighting and Down Lighting Show off the breathtaking trees and add a moonlight aesthetic to your property with our moonlighting and down lighting systems.
  • Poolside Lighting Add that ‘wow’ factor to your upcoming pool party with our expert poolside lighting.
  • Security Outdoor Lighting Get rid of dark areas and maintain the safety of your home with careful and creative security lighting.

…and more!

Call (817) 345-3696 today for expert outdoor lighting in Joshua, TX by Majestic Outdoor Lighting! We’ll help you create the right solution to make your home or business beautiful and safe.