Quality Outdoor Lighting In Seagoville, TX

Finding the best outdoor lighting solution for your home or business can be a pain if you do it yourself. Whether you want commercial or residential lighting solutions in the Dallas \ Fort Worth area, make Majestic Outdoor Lighting your top choice! To learn?discover more, call us at 817-345-3696 or look at our online galleries for examples of our work.

Our Outdoor Lighting Services

Not only can proper outdoor lighting add to the beauty of your property, it can also provide better safety to your home or business. When it comes to outdoor lighting systems, the choices are endless! Whether you need residential outdoor lighting or LED lights, our lighting professionals can help! Call Majestic Outdoor Lighting at 817-345-3696 if you are looking for:

  • Arbor & Water Feature Lighting: Enhance the beauty of your fountain, arbor, or other feature with the right lighting solution. Our lighting professionals will carefully examine your home or business to make sure the lighting is perfect.
  • Business & Commercial Lighting: From large scale events and displays to safety lighting in parking lots, our team will find the perfect solution for you. Contact us today for courtyard, campus, sign, walkway, and entrance lighting.
  • Garden Lighting: Highlight the beauty of your garden with carefully installed lighting features. We’ll help you create the beautiful garden you’ve dreamed of!
  • Holiday & Christmas Lighting: Make holiday decorating a breeze with festive and elegant lighting from Majestic! We even do animated light shows!
  • Home Exterior Lighting: Show off your home’s front porch or beautiful stonework and keep your property well-lit. Even a few simple lights can help your home shine at night.
  • Landscape Lighting: Want to showcase your landscaping at night? Talk to us about lighting options for walkways, flower beds, trees, and much more!
  • LED Landscape Lighting: Looking for a more eco-friendly lighting option for your home’s exterior? We are proud to offer a variety of LED lighting choices to illuminate your landscaping, patio, garden, and more.
  • Lighting Maintenance: Don’t let dirty or busted bulbs go uncared for; contact Majestic Outdoor Lighting about our maintenance options! We will keep your outdoor lights in top condition!
  • Misting System Installation: Texas summers can be brutal, and a misting system can help keep you cool! We can install misting systems for your deck, yard, and elsewhere so you can enjoy your outdoor space even in July.
  • Moonlighting & Down Lighting: Showcase stunning trees and add a moonlit aesthetic to your property with our moonlighting and down lighting options. We provide both warm and cool light to create the feeling you want.
  • Poolside Lighting: Enjoy a peaceful night time swim safely with our poolside lighting options. We can light the steps for ease of use, or use colored lights to really show off your pool.
  • Security Outdoor Lighting: Eliminate dark spots and keep your home safe with thorough and creative security lighting. This can help reduce chances of theft, vandalism, and tripping over a tree root!
  • And More: If you have a special project you need lighting for, just give us a call! We’ll do our best to provide you with a beautiful, practical solution to any problem.

If you need outdoor lighting in Seagoville, TX, call Majestic Outdoor Lighting today at 817-345-3696! Our mission is to help you elevate the look and security of your home or commercial property with the perfect lighting system!