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Outdoor Lighting

We Offer Our Outdoor Lighting Services to Homes and Businesses Throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Every residence or business needs a perfectly crafted outdoor lighting system to improve the property’s appearance and security at night. Whether you want outdoor commercial or residential lighting systems in Argyle, TX, make Majestic Outdoor Lighting your top choice! To discover more, call us at (817) 345-3696 or look at our online galleries for photos of our work.


Our Outdoor Lighting Services

In addition to providing an additional level of security to your home or business, outdoor lighting can be used to feature architecture, gardens, trees, and more. When it comes to outdoor lighting options, the choices are endless! From breathtaking water feature lighting to perfectly placed landscape lighting, we do it all. Call us today at (817) 345-3696 if you’re looking for:

  • Arbor and Water Feature Lighting With great lighting, you can enjoy the beauty of your water feature, fountain, or other structure throughout the night.
  • Business and Commercial Lighting The proper lighting is essential when it comes to how the exterior of your property looks, so let our experts take care of your next project.
  • Garden Lighting We’ll assist you create the garden garden you’ve dreamed of!
  • Holiday and Christmas Lighting Don’t run the risk of harming yourself attempting to set up those lights and reindeer on your roof. Leave that to our pros!
  • Home Exterior Lighting Just a couple of simple lights can have your home shine bright at night.
  • Landscape Lighting Shine new light to your landscape by installing a landscape lighting system today!
  • LED Landscape Lighting Now there’s no need to be concerned about your light bill skyrocketing with LED lighting options.
  • Lighting Maintenance Regular maintenance on your lighting system helps to avoid major problems that come with a substantial price tag.
  • Misting System Installation Keep your outdoor lounging area cool with a professionally installed cooling system.
  • Moonlighting and Down Lighting Show off the stunning trees and add a moonlight aesthetic to your property with our moonlighting and down lighting options.
  • Poolside Lighting Our poolside lighting can make quite an effect day or night. Call us to learn more.
  • Security Outdoor Lighting This can discourage probabilities of theft, vandalism, and tripping over a tree root!

…and more!

Contact Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696 when you want the best outdoor lighting in Argyle, TX! Our lighting professionals will help you find the best option for your property.