Go Beyond Just Creative, Make it Majestic!

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Go Beyond Creative, Make it Majestic in  Fort Worth and Dallas, TX

Creative Outdoor Lighting

Lighting that’s more than creative – it’s Majestic! Why do Majestic customers rave about their outdoor lighting once they’ve made it Majestic? And what is it about our services that sets us apart? What is it that makes us more than creative, and worthy of the name Majestic? It’s all in the quality and service that you get nowhere else.

Quality Lights

First, let’s talk about our lights. Every light we install is made in the USA. Our lights are exclusive to Texas and are the absolute best lights you can buy. I mean, we wouldn’t include a 20-year warranty if we didn’t trust our lights. Rain, shine, heat, snow (and in nw_data field=seo_city], TX, these may be all in the same day!), the lights we carefully install make it more than a purchase; they become an investment.

Excellent Service

Some companies have these “light salesmen”, that show up one time, place their lights in “creative” ways, and once they have the check you’ll never see them again.

Our Lighting Designers work with you, being there as often as it takes, to get you the nightscape you deserve. From the very first appointment, you can feel the difference as your personal Lighting Designer brings a demo kit to your door and shows you exactly what our top-tier lights will do to your property.

If it’s Outdoor and Lighting, we do it!

We can assist you with any of the following outdoor lighting systems:

    • Arbors and Water Feature
        Enhance the overall look and atmosphere of your backyard with our arbor and water feature lighting.



    • Down Lighting
        Bring a new element to your home or business with the magic of moonlighting or down lighting.


    • Garden Lighting
        Add lights to your garden to take it to the next level. Give us a call to discuss available options.



    • Landscape Lighting
        Put your impeccable landscape on display for all to see by adding landscape lighting to the mix.


    • LED Landscape
        With LED landscape lighting option, you’re able to show off the beauty around your property without having to worry about your energy bill going through the roof.


    • Pool Lighting
        Transform your pool into the oasis you’ve always wanted with our professional pool lighting.


    • Security Lighting
        The proper lighting for your home or business ensures overall safety.


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    A Better Warranty, Quality Service, and Comprehensive Lighting Design We haven’t even gone into our lights adding security and safety for your property, and we encourage you to check out some of our previous projects – they’re pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!

    Interested in learning more? Call the experts a Majestic Outdoor Lighting at (817) 345-3696. Or drop your email for more information