Steps to Ideal Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting provides an ideal way to create a more entertaining, beautiful, and safer outdoor environment for your home. Difficulties arise, however, when you get confronted with the sheer wealth of options for landscape lighting. For an easier job with the design of your set-up, keep these tips in mind.

Consider Your Reasons

Landscape lights add both beauty and functionality. Before you begin the design of your layout, you should identify a primary goal. Do you want to illuminate pathways for ease of walking? Highlight different landscape elements? Or is security your primary aim? Regardless of which you choose, keep it in the forefront of your mind. When you sit down to design your lighting, new emphases may get added; but you should never get distracted from your main goal.

Understand Different Techniques

Outdoor lighting has defined itself through various techniques. Deck lighting, for example, generally gets used to illuminate safety hazards such as stairs and raised walkways. Grazing, a technique that works well with climbing plants, uses lights placed within 12 inches and parallel to a target. Floodlights work well with trees, while flower-focused lights can highlight elements of your landscape.

Landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting can both accentuate design elements and make your home safer.

Consider Cost

Cost for landscape lights can vary dramatically. The type of bulbs you use, the fixtures, and the wattage requirements all contribute to the cost. As you plan your strategy, you should also consider the monthly adjustment to your electric bill. Work with a professional designer, such as Majestic Outdoor Lighting, can actually save you money in this regard. A professional installer will help you design landscape lighting to your needs for as cheaply as possible. You will not waste money on unnecessary fixtures, or set up an inefficient system.

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