Keep Your Home Safe While Saving On Your Energy Bill

Security lighting is an easy way to provide safety and a sense of comfort to our homes. Unfortunately, leaving these lights on for too long can increase your energy bill. It’s important to feel secure, but also save money on electricity. You can have both by following these tips.

Keep Your Home Safe While Saving On Your Energy Bill

Use A Lower Wattage

Using a lower wattage bulb is an easy way to save on energy. There are a ton of options on the market like compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED light bulbs. You can also consider solar panel lighting.

Timers On Your Lights

Invest in timers on your outdoor lights. Your lights will turn on when it becomes darker and turn off when it becomes light outside, making these great for saving on your energy bill.

Use Shields On Your Lights

Using shields around your lights, you can direct light where you really need it. Lights without covers and shields will just flood an area with light, whether it’s needed there or not.

Energy-Star Rated Lights

Energy-Star rated items will ensure you are not wasting a lot of energy and therefore decrease you energy bill.

Position Your Lights Properly

If you move your outdoor lights around a bit, you can find a way to shine light on the largest area of your yard.

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