Outdoor Misting: A Multi Use System

We believe outdoor misting systems are one of the little joys of hot, hot weather. These systems disperse water into the air, cooling down the patio for both residential and commercial buildings. Anything that lets people get out to enjoy their backyard and relieves some of our Texas heat gets a gold star in our book. However, outdoor mist systems have had a few more uses come to light quite recently!

Photo of MistingSome individuals have begun using outdoor misters for gardening purposes. In a green house environment, the enclosed space does not have the luxury of summer rain bearing down upon it. Many plants need a certain amount of water and certain environment to keep growing. However, with a misting system, your green house can be provided with excellent irrigation and your plants can get their much needed water. The introduction of water into this enclosed environment also changes the green house environment to a slightly more humid one. This means you can grow even more different kinds of plants within your green house environment! A misting system can even help once harvest time comes. If you sell vegetables or produce, this system can be used to keep the produce fresh!

These are very exciting uses of the outdoor misting system! Our favorite is still the patio. The coolness afforded by the system allows for outdoor enjoyment with friends and family all the summer season, which is the best part of the season! If you are interested in outdoor misting systems, give us a call today at (817) 345-3696. Let us show you what an outdoor misting system can do for you!