Is Security Lighting Effective?

A Technician Installs Outdoor Security Lights.

Is security lighting effective

From fences and alarms to cameras and outdoor security lights, we all want to find ways to keep our homes protected from burglary and vandalism. Of course the big question is: are any of these, especially lights, effective against deterring crime? The answer is more complicated than yes or no, especially when it comes to lights. 

One popular misconception about burglary is that it happens at night. Research suggests as many as 40% of break-ins occur during the day when people tend to be away from their homes and lights may not be home. While many break-ins occur during the day, they still happen at night, too. When burglaries occur at night, it’s usually in homes that are dark and quiet and are unoccupied or appear unoccupied.

Security lights may give would-be thieves the impression that you are home, even if you’re not, which may deter them from breaking into what might be an occupied home. Lighting also gives criminals fewer hiding places if they are lurking about. Also, lighting used in conjunction with cameras can help identify criminals, if a break-in should unfortunately occur. 

Security lights are also valuable to help you stay safe at night around your home. You’ll be able to see your surroundings in the dark or find your keys so you can get inside your home safely in case of potential danger.

While security lights may not deter every criminal, you’re often better off with them than without them. They serve as added protection in your overall security plan. If you’d like the added protection of security lighting in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, get help from the lighting professionals at Majestic Outdoor Lighting. Find out more about how we can help by calling (817) 345-3696.

What security lighting do I need

If you are considering installing outdoor security lights, your primary concern is that you install lighting that is bright and covers a wide area. You also want to make sure the lights are operating correctly and come on when they are triggered. The lights should also be able to survive in all kinds of weather, and should be rated either WP for weatherproof or WR for weather resistant.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the right light fixtures to suit your needs. You may need high-mounted floodlights, for instance to illuminate your porch or side of your home, or low lights along sidewalks to illuminate pathways. You’ll also want to consider whether you want timed lights or motion sensitive lighting, and whether your lighting is manually controlled or automatic.

No matter how weatherproofed your outdoor lights are, when the temperatures drop, and your heater doesn’t work, you won’t be weatherproofed. Heater repair and heater parts replacement will be necessary to keep you warm.

Where to install outdoor security lighting

Where you have your outdoor security lights installed will vary with their purpose and function. You may want to place low lights along paths and sidewalks to illuminate walkways, but most security lights will be placed above ground. You may wonder, How high should security lights be? It’s usually best to mount your lights six to 10 feet off the ground. They should be positioned strategically so they cover the widest amount of surface area. If they are motion-sensitive lights, they should be positioned so the movement will be tracked and the light will be triggered.

Some of the best areas to place the lights are areas where the light covers walks up to your front doors and back doors, and up the driveway. Additional lights can be placed to cover all the approaches to your house like gates or in the darker areas of your yard. You may also want to put lights over decks and near stairways and pools.

What are the types of security lighting?

There are several types of outdoor security lights, and what you choose will depend on your needs and situation. Outlined below are the types of lights available.

  • Timed lights: Lights you can adjust to come on and stay on all during the night or at select times during the day.
  • Motion-activated lights: These lights have sensors that turn on the lights when motion is detected. These lights can be adjusted to just go off when humans trigger them.
  • Floodlights: These are bright lights used to illuminate large areas such as patios and drives.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights: Often used for commercial security, these lights can be used at homes to light up large areas.
  • Exterior soffit lights: These lights sit on the soffit overhang and often have extra lighting for your porch.
  • Outdoor coach lights: These lights are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal, but provide adequate lighting for driveways and walkways.

What is the brightest outdoor light?

Outdoor lights come in varying brightnesses. Some of the brightest lights used for outdoor lighting are LED floodlights. Floodlights are often strong enough to light up a whole yard. LED lights not only shine brightly, they use less energy than other types of lights. High Intensity Discharge lights are also very bright, but are generally used for commercial lighting. 

What are the best outdoor security lights?

There are many highly rated outdoor security lights on the market today. The top five that find their way on many lists include:

  • LITOM Motion Sensor Light
  • Ring Floodlight Camera
  • SANSI Motion Sensor Outdoor Light
  • Hyperikon LED Outdoor Flood Light
  • Heath Zenith Light

Should I leave porch light on all night?

While it’s not necessary, leaving your porch light on all night may benefit your safety. It can alert potential criminals that the home may be occupied. At the same time, if you turn it off regularly when you go to bed, this, too, may alert someone that you’re at home as well. Turning the light off suggests the home is in use. It also serves as a spotlight over the front door which will help you see someone approaching the house. Leaving your light on is also good for the safety of those coming home late at night. That person can safely get to the door and unlock it.

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Security lighting installers near me

If you want outdoor security lights in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, count on the professionals at Majestic Outdoor Lighting for reliable installation. We provide a full range of installation options for all varieties of lights. Give us a call at (817) 345-3696 to schedule services.