Exterior Lighting 101

We know that outdoor lighting provides aesthetics, security, and safety to your home, but which lighting is right for your exterior and your budget? The Majestic Outdoor Lighting experts can discuss your exterior lighting options, and help you find the perfect match.

Find Out Which Type of Exterior Lighting is Right for Your Home

Our Exterior Lighting Options Will Illuminate and Protect Your Home.


Security Lights

Many homeowners look for exterior lighting that can provide security in their yard. For these individuals, spotlights or floodlights may be the answer. Floodlights are generally inexpensive and attach directly to the exterior of your home. They come in multiple sizes, styles, and brightnesses, and can be sensitivity adjusted. Spotlights, on the other hand, are used in landscaping and can provide accent as well as security lighting. These lights, however, are slightly more expensive because new wiring must be run during installation. These lights look great highlighting trees, bushes, and flower beds, and can provide an extra level of security throughout your yard.

Accent Lighting

Multiple types of accent lighting are available to allow you to create the precise look you want. Uplighting is the most commonly used accent lighting and attaches to the bottom exterior of your home to provide light in an upward sweep around the outer perimeter. These lights are available in different brightnesses and styles and can be programmed as motion sensing or continuous power lighting solutions. Walkway, flower garden, and poolside lights are also common and are typically flat cans that install flush with the ground. These lights project a dimmer light directly upward to provide a luminous accent throughout your space.

Considerations When Choosing Your Lighting

When choosing your home’s exterior lighting, consider the space to be covered as well as how bright you prefer the light to be. Some lighting options, such as floodlights, offer levels that extend from extremely dim to blindingly bright. Consider whether your light’s purpose is security or appearance to help you decide on strength, direction, and cost.

No matter which type of lighting you want for your home’s exterior, the Majestic Outdoor Lighting professionals are ready to provide you with expert installation that’s quick and convenient. Call us today at (817) 345-3696 to learn more about our exterior lighting services.